archangel gallery
Opening Fri., Oct. 17 – Priority Male Opening Fri., Oct. 17 – Priority Male Featuring photography, paintings, and charcoals by Eduardo Carriazo, Michael Childers, McGarren Flack, Brian Kelly and Dan Pyle. Artist Reception: 5 to 8pm. Thru 11/11.
Opening Thurs, Nov. 13 – laden interlacings Melissa Furness & Rian Kerrane's collaboration reinvents traditional notions of the artifact, causing one to consider ruins of the interior and exterior as juxtaposed with discarded fabricated detritus through underlying narrative structures conveing a sense of elusive identity. Artist reception 5 to 8pm. Opening Thurs, Nov. 13 – laden interlacings
Coming Soon Coming Soon New shows by Ben Darby, Chris Reilly, Bret Philpot, James Schnepf, Alex Koselzar and Eduardo Carriazo and the 'Icons' group show.


archangel gallery is a unique, cutting edge fine art gallery known for provocative,
whimsical, powerful, iconoclastic and often unconventional art which speaks to, challenges, and
provokes discussion about cultural, political, and social issues and the role art plays in our evolving
global community.